Web Solutions

Static informational web site, dynamic data driven web applications or eCommerce web interface development are our expertise

Web Applications

Present day web sites are more dynamic and interactive. With use of best programming technologies available such as .NET Framework MVC, MS QL, MySQL, JQuery and Bootstrap, our web applications are more competitive.

Web Sites

Static HTML5 web site to more powerful dynamic ASP.NET web sites all are responsive, combine with beautiful design frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation

Search Engine Optimisation

You may already know about SEO, it is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.

Domain Names

Select the best domain names for your business with our domain registration service, it is reliable and competitive and value for money.

It's quick and easy to register it with InterData Information Technology Pty Ltd.

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Web Hosting

We provide Full-featured top of the line web hosting packages. All of them are hosted in Australian data centres managed by leading Internet service providers.

Also we provide management of Azure services. For larger and heavy traffic web site Azure is the one of the most cost effective and reliable solution.

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